Dursley News and Developments

This is not an authoritative news section by any means - it's intended solely as a medium for sharing any developments which relate to the town's buildings or industries as well as any noteworthy events. My intention is to update it monthly as a minimum.

  Date Change  
  January 2022

Footpath through Littlecombe.
Littlecombe Phase 4 and tree house.
Foundations near completion.

  December 2021

Littlecombe Phase 4 foundations.
New footpath into Littlecombe under construction.
Market House illuminations.

  November 2021

Fireworks night at the Recreation Ground.
Dursley lights-on evening.
Remembrance Day.
Tree down in Woodmancote.

  October 2021

Piling in progress on Littlecombe Phase 4.
Draycott Mill.
Scaffolding in Long Street.

  September 2021

Motor World closure.
Littlecombe Phase 4 progress.
New playground at Littlecombe.

  August 2021

Littlecombe Phase 4 developments.
New chemist on Parsonage Street.
St. Mark's Rise houses near completion.

  July 2021

Wyke House in Silver Street.
Armstrong & North optician.
Music evening in Dursley.

  June 2021

Changes to Long Street road layout.
Littlecombe Phase 4 developments.

  May 2021

Empty Lloyds Bank building.
Stinchcombe Hill bluebells.
Railway Inn, Cam.

  April 2021

'Yarn bombing' in Parsonage Street.
Half-mast flag on St. George's Church.

  March 2021

Tree of Hope in St. James' churchyard.
Cappinni's Pizza shop.
Dursley cemetery changes.

  February 2021

Resurfacing of May Lane.
New houses at Redwing Gate, Cam.
Resident raven in Dursley.

  January 2021

Deserted scenes in Dursley during lockdown.
Snowy scenes in Dursley.
Union Street and Harrold's belt works.

  December 2020

Nativity scene at St. James' Church.
Dursley Lantern goes on sale.
Progress on the 'Lister Gardens' development in Cam

  November 2020

Refurbishment at the old Norville premises.
New sign erected on 'The Oak at Kingshill'.
Mikael Pedersen's memorial stone removed.

  October 2020

Remembrance poppies on display around the town.
Parsonage Street views.

  September 2020

Kingshill Lane is re-surfaced.
Littlecombe Busness Park units for rent.
New house construction at Littlecombe.

  August 2020

''Redwing Gate' development near the site of Coaley Junction station.
Littlecombe Business Park.
Housing construction at Littlecombe.

  July 2020

Kingshill Inn repainted and without a sign.
Views around town during 'lockdown'.

  June 2020

Dursley town centre remains quiet during 'lockdown'.
Progress on the new houses in Woodmancote.
DODS show cancelled during 'lockdown'.

  May 2020

VE Day 75th anniversary during 'lockdown'.
Work progresses on the new 'Gravity' restaurant despite 'lockdown'.
New seating at the bus station.

  April 2020

Pubs and shops shut down during 'lockdown'.
Empty car parks and roads.
Roman Villa discovered in Cam.
Work continues on new houses in Woodmancote.

  March 2020

Covid-19 'lockdown' begins.
The streets empty out as businesses close down.
Construction continues on the Littlecombe housing.

  February 2020

Pancake day racing in the town centre.
Tree down on Kingshill Road.
New Peri Peri chicken takeaway restaurant on Long Street.

  January 2020

Progress on new houses on Box Road, Cam.
Houses completed at Box Road, near the railway station.
Littlecombe housing developments.

  December 2019

Flooding around the Pin Mill.
Woodmancote housing development on the Starkey van hire site.
El Chico Mexican restaurant, Long Street.

  November 2019

St. James' Church poppy cascade.
Dursley poppyman in town.
Dursley lighting up evening.

  October 2019

Leaf and Ground cafe open.
Garden centre almost ready to open.

  September 2019

Boules court on the recreation ground.
Starkey's van hire site under development.
More houses completed at Littlecombe.

  August 2019

New housing under way on Box Road, Cam.
New barber shop in Parsonage Street.
Housing developments in Rowley, Cam.

  July 2019

Dursley Summer Festival.
Spring Villa renovation continues.
Littlecombe construction work.

  June 2019

The fair comes to town.
Long Street car park completion.
New industrial units at Littlecombe.

  May 2019

Work continues at Spring Villa.
Rainbows over Cam.

  April 2019

Renovation of Spring Villa begins.
Further progress on redevelopment of the Littlecombe site.
New 'Sunshine Space' business in Long Street.

  March 2019

Work on the new long term car park in Long Street.
New 'Dursley Meccanica' business in Parsonage Street.
'El Chico' Mexican restaurant in Long Street.

  February 2019

Snow falls in Dursley.
Annual Dursley Dozen race.
Redevelopment of the old Starkey Van Hire site.

  January 2019

New 'Ranchers' steakhouse.
Work on the Littlecombe link road.
Completion of the Littlecombe industrial units.

  December 2018

La Toscana restaurant closed for conversion to a Mexican restaurant.
Christmas displays around Dursley.
Changes in Water Street.

  November 2018

'Festive Dursley' celebrations.
Link road changes on the Littlecombe site.
New junction completed in Long Street.

  October 2018

Summer views over Norman Hill.
Kingdom Hall rebuild is completed.
Dawn over Cam Peak and Smallpox Hill.

  September 2018

Kingshill Inn new identity as 'Ranchers Steakhouse'.
New industrial units completed on the Littlecombe site.
Work progresses on the Littlecombe link road.

  August 2018

More work on the road realignment in Long Street.
New houses on the Littlecombe site.
R.A. Lister fire engine at the Gloucestershire Extravaganza.

  July 2018

Reliance House demolition.
New road alignment at the bottom of Long Street.
Demolition of part of the Kingdom Hall.

  June 2018

The Starkey van hire premises are closed for redevelopment.
Progress on the Littlecombe site.
Work proceeds with repairs to the tower of St. James' church.

  May 2018

Paragliding on Cam Peak.
The Cotswold AONB Hare Trail begins.
Round tower uncovered near the Kingshill Inn.

  April 2018

Bluebells in the Dursley woods.
Scaffolding goes up around the tower of St. James' church.
Norman Hill car boot sales begin for the year.

  March 2018

Heavy snow falls in Dursley.
New Water Street 'Mews' cottages are built.
New house construction at Littlecombe.

  February 2018

Littlecombe bridge is completed.
Dursley Dozen race won by Dursley Running Club runner.
New Italian restaurant in Long Street.

  January 2018

Belle's Kitchen cafe opens in Silver Street.
Industrial units at Littlecombe near completion.
More hoses go up at Littlecombe.

  December 2017

Snow falls in Dursley.
New sign for the War Memorial Recreation Ground.
Progress on the new bridge at Littlecombe.

  November 2017

The Dursley Poppyman makes an appearance.
Remembrance parade through Dursley.
New bridge construction for the Littlecombe link road

  October 2017

New house construction on Rowley, Cam.
Framework goes up for the new industrial units at Littlecombe.
View over Dursley landscape.

  September 2017

Bull Pitch is resurfaced.
Construction of new road begins at Littlecombe.
New house construction at Littlecombe.

  August 2017

Restored R.A. Lister fire engine at the South Cerney vintage show.
Chapel street houses completed.
Solar eclipse visible from Stinchcombe Hill.

  July 2017

Dursley carnival returns to town.
Long Street flats are completed.
Car boot sale in the sunshine.

  June 2017

'Prestige Pampering' opens in Silver Street, Dursley.
'Statesman' rail tour passes through Cam & Dursley station.
New flats in Long Street near completion.

  May 2017

New ramp at the Community Centre.
'Flying Scotsman' comes through Cam & Dursley station.
Opening up of the culvert under the Lister site.

  April 2017

Bluebells in the local woodlands.
Chantry 'Secret Garden'.
Cam car boot sale.

  March 2017

New defibrillator in the Castle Street phone box.
Dursley Local Store in the old Bailey's premises.
Progress on the Littlecombe housing site.

  February 2017

Running of the 28th annual Dursley Dozen race.
Dursley's new Daisy Belle Floral Design shop.
Progress on the new houses in Chapel Street and Box Road, Cam.

  January 2017

Long Street housing progress.
Mist over Upper Cam.
Roof timbers go up on the new houses in Chapel Street, Cam.

  December 2016

New path constructed in Long Street.
Wildwood Flower shop last day of opening.
Chicken Peri Peri restaurant closes down.

  November 2016

Christmas lights-on event in Dursley town centre.
The roof timbers go up on the new Long Street flats.
Construction begins on new houses in Chapel Street, Cam.

  October 2016

Progress on the new flats in Long Street.
El Dorado Mexican nears opening.
The houses go up on Budding Way, Littlecombe.

  September 2016

The Tour of Britain cycle race comes through Dursley.
Work starts on the El Dorado Mexican restaurant.
New Peri Peri restaurant in Long Street.

  August 2016

Renovation of the old R.P. Jones shop.
'Pulse' sports centre.
Norman Hill car boot sale.

  July 2016

Battle of the Somme commemoration.
The 'Pulse' sports centre has opened.
Caravans take over Sainsbury's car park.

  June 2016

Dursley Town Festival.
Progress on the new building at the bottom of Long Street.
Littlecombe houses - construction progresses.

  May 2016

Gloucester Cycling Club celebrates its 125th anniversary in Dursley.
Sports centre gets its stone cladding.
Scaffolding starts to come down on the sports centre extension.

  April 2016

More work on the swimming pool building extension.
Women's Institute yarn bombing.
Closure of the Conservative Club.

  March 2016

New shops open in Dursley.
Progress on the new sports centre.
Reliance House stands empty.

  February 2016

Lister site progress.
Victoria Works site redevelopment begins in Long Street.
Renovation at St. Mark's Church.

  January 2016

The steel framework is erected for the new sports centre.
More developments on the Littlecombe site.
Changes to some of the town centre's shops.

  December 2015

Completion of the new access ramp for the swimming pool.
Littlecombe site developments.
Gazette office block stands empty..

  November 2015

Christmas lights switch-on in Dursley town centre.
Kingshill Inn re-opens.
Kingshill House tour.

  October 2015

Sports centre development work continues.
Shops open in Silver Street.
Cam Mills war memorial.

  September 2015

Mikael Pedersen commemoration event.
Flowers laid on Pedersen's grave.
Kingdom Hall in Dursley.

  August 2015

The Old Bell reopens.
'Dursley in Bloom' flower tubs around town.
Work begins on extending the swimming pool and sports facilities.
Chantry 'Secret Garden' progress.

  July 2015

Littlecombe housing development.
Lister air raid shelter.
Remains of the Lister site.

  June 2015

Opening of the Della Casa restaurant.
Dil Raj restaurant renovation.
Oxfam shop reopens after closure.
Dursley Town Festival.

  May 2015

Refurbishment of the San Remo restaurant.
Cotswold Care shops become Longfield.
Nat West Bank prepares to close.
New signs for Rednock School.

  April 2015

Demolition of the Lister factory is completed.
New paving area completed at the Broadwell.
Redecorated shops in the town centre.
Ornamental features in Castle Street.

  March 2015

More demolition of the Lister factory.
New paving is laid at the Broadwell.
Eclipse is visible from Dursley and Cam.
W.I. baton relay passes through Dursley.
Littlecombe house construction continues.

  February 2015

Demolition of the Lister factory progresses rapidly.
Dursley Pedersen restoration at the Heritage Centre.
Further housing construction at the Littlecombe site.

  January 2015

Demolition of the Lister factory gets underway.
'Vibe' youth club opening.
New playground equipment on the recreation ground.

  December 2014

Kings Head reopens after renovation.
Repair of the tower of St. George's tower is complete.
'Inspirational World' moves to Parsonage Street.

  November 2014

Christmas evening shopping and lights-on event.
New Littlecombe houses.
Remembrance at St. James.

  October 2014

The Priory is emptied out ready for use as apartments.
Lister's site desolation.
Cam & Dursley station parking expansion.

  September 2014

Abandoned buildings on the Lister site.
Housing expansion at Littlecombe.
Old Mawdsley's sign discovered.

  August 2014

WW1 commemoration evening under the Market House.
New shops open in town centre.
Building work continues at Dursley C of E Primary Academy.

  July 2014

Clifton Cameras opens its expanded showroom.
The Polish shop moves from Silver Street to Parsonage Street.
Internal renovation work begins at Dursley C of E Primary Academy.

  June 2014

Bank cafe gets ready for opening.
The new Clifton Cameras showroom nears completion.
New Lily & Violet Vintage shop opens in Silver Street.

  May 2014

Final clear out of the Lister-Petter factory.
Work on the new Clifton Cameras showroom progresses.
Conversion of the Tabernacle Manse for use as a youth club.

  April 2014

Demolition at the Lister-Petter site.
More foundations laid at Littlecombe.
Old canteen at Dursley CofE Primary Academy due for replacement.

  March 2014

Springtime in Dursley.
More progress on the Littlecombe houses.
Market House renovation is completed.

  February 2014

The annual Dursley Dozen race.
Redecoration of the Market House nears completion.
Renovation of the May Lane public conveniences.

  January 2014

More progress on the Littlecombe houses after the Christmas break.
Continuing development of the old HSBC Bank building.
Double rainbow over Cam Peak.

  December 2013

Progress on the Littlecombe houses and bridge.
Fire bell is back on the Market House.

  November 2013

Remembrance Day Parade in Dursley.
Christmas Market event.

  October 2013

New shops open in town.
The Old Bell gets renovated.
New houses at Littlecombe are completed.

  September 2013

Pedersen cyclists gather in Dursley.
Commemorative plaque to town stalwart, John Evans.
New Lloyds Bank and TSB Bank identities in the town centre.

  August 2013

New earthworks at Littlecombe.
Excavation at the 'Ramping Cat'.
'Powercuts' shop move to Long Street.

  July 2013

Janet Bromley's leaving celebration.
Construction work at Littlecombe.
New shops in Dursley.

  June 2013

Dursley town festival.
New bridge at Littlecombe.
Work goes on inside the old Midland/HSBC Bank.

  May 2013

'Little Jem' shop moves next door.
Progress on the new Littlecombe houses.
Power pole struck by car in Cam.

  April 2013

More new houses at Littlecombe.
Stinchcombe Hill sunset.
New garden centre opens in Cam.

  March 2013

New 'Hummingbird' cafe opens in Silver Street.
Good progress on the new houses at Littlecombe.
'Stations of the Cross' walk to Cam Peak.

  February 2013

Roadworks in Parsonage Street.
Building work at Littlecombe.
Helicopter lands in Cam playing field.

  January 2013

Snowy scenes in Dursley.
Snow plough out on the town's streets.
Sledging on Cam Peak.

  December 2012

Christmas tree displays at the Methodist Church.
Little Jem cake shop expands to larger premises.
Vale Vision shop in Long Street to close.

  November 2012

Autumn colours on the trees.
Remembrance services in Cam and Dursley.

  October 2012

Bristol House in Silver Street has a new occupier.
New reredos dedicated at St. James' Church.
Sunrises and misty mornings in Cam.

  September 2012

New zebra crossing on May Lane.
New roundabout construction work is complete.
Pavement widening near May Lane junction.
Flooding in the Dursley area.

  August 2012

Dursley's new roundabout nears completion.
Further construction begins on the Littlecombe site.

  July 2012

Work begins on construction of Dursley's new roundabout.
Town festival week events go ahead despite weather.
Renovation continues at The Priory.

  June 2012

Improvements to Tabernacle Garden of Rest.
'San Remo' restaurant preparations for opening.

  May 2012

New cafe opens in Chapel Street, Cam.
Dursley bus station renovation.

  April 2012

Rainbow over Cam Peak.
Chapel Street cafe building completed.
Toll house renovation completed.

  March 2012

New shops in Dursley.
Tabernacle building work.
Toll house renovation.

  February 2012

Cam Parish Council offices nears completion.
Fire at a substation in Cam.
Princess Anne opens Dursley's new hospital.
Toll house progress.

  January 2012

Cam Parish Council office progress.
Toll house renovation.

  December 2011

Dursley's new hospital takes its first patients.
Rapid progress on the Cam Parish Council offices.
Toll house progress.

  November 2011

Construction of the Vale Community Hospital is completed.
Timber framing goes up for the Cam Parish Council offices.
Late night Christmas shopping in Dursley.
Renovation begins on the old toll house building.

  October 2011

Vale Community Hospital progress.
Cam Parish Council offices in Chapel Street.
Reid's restaurant painted to be ready for opening.

  September 2011

New mosaic at St James' Church.
Sunrise over Cam Peak.
Cam Methodist Church.

  August 2011

Progress on the new Community Hospital developments.
Broadwell House repair work.
Jacob's House external decoration.

  July 2011

Dursley Festival events.
Fire Station open day.
Signs go up for a proposed new Italian restaurant.

  June 2011

Roundabout trial in Dursley town centre.
Vale Community Hospital developments.
Golden Wall reconstruction.

  May 2011

Dursley C of E Primary School Summer Fair.
Community hospital progress.
New shop opens on Silver Street.
Pavement outside 'Eden Stone' houses on May Lane reopens.

  April 2011

King's Head Royal Wedding street party.
Community hospital developments.
May Lane houses pavement construction.

  March 2011

The old Coop store refurbishment completion.
Community hospital progress.
May Lane houses construction progress.

  February 2011

New pavements near the Priory.
Community hospital progress.
May Lane houses developments.

  January 2011

Long Street resurfacing.
Community hospital developments.
Littlecombe site landscaping.

  December 2010

Widespread snow in Dursley.
Heritage Centre Severn Railway Bridge exhibition closes.

  November 2010

Developments at Littlecombe.
Progress on the new houses in May Lane.
Changes at the old Coop in Parsonage Street.
Remembrance Sunday march.
First snow of the year.

  October 2010

More progress on Dursley's new hospital.
Fire in the Broadwell.

  September 2010

Progress on Dursley's new community hospital.
Rednock view.

  August 2010

The framework of Dursley's hospital begins to go up.
New houses at Littlecombe.
Rednock car park is finished.

  July 2010

Works starts on the new community hospital at Littlecombe.
The new Iceland store together with three smaller shops open.
Dursley Town Festival.

  June 2010

Re-paving around the Market House nears completion.
Resurfacing of the swimming pool car park.
Continuing progress on the new Iceland store.

  May 2010

Re-paving around the Market House progress.
Rednock School garden area.
Work on the new Iceland store begins.

  April 2010

Re-paving around the Market House begins.
Official opening of Rednock School.
Refurbishment of some of Dursley's shops.

  March 2010

Sainsbury's store opens.
R.P. Jones shop closes.
Rednock landscaping progress.

  February 2010

More snow in the town.
Sainsbury's store developments.

  January 2010

Heavy snow in Dursley.
Sainsbury's store progress.
St. James' Church renovation work.
Littlecombe developments.

  December 2009

Sainsbury's store construction progress.
Wintry scenes.

  November 2009

LIDL store is completed and opened.
Sainsbury's framework completed.
Rednock/Community Centre car park nears completion.
Bonfire on the recreation ground.

  October 2009

Captain Graham commemoration event.
Rednock School landscaping progress.
Sainsbury's framework starts to go up.

  September 2009

Lister Shearing centenary.
New Rednock School open and demolition of old buildings under way.
LIDL supermarket progress.
Sainsbury's construction update.

  August 2009

Rednock School is prepared for opening.
LIDL supermarket progress.
Wild Goose garage makeover.
Sainsbury's construction progress.

  July 2009

Dursley Town Festival.
Relaunch of the sculpture trail in Twinberrow Woods.
Sainsbury's development restarts.
Littlecombe housing construction.

  June 2009

Open Day at Dursley's new fire station.
Somerfield closes down.

  May 2009

Sainsbury's development temporarily halts.
Rednock progress.
Crest-Nicholson development complete (almost).

  April 2009

Official opening day for the new fire station.
Demolition of the old fire station.
Progress on the new houses in May Lane.

  March 2009

Clearance of the Victoria (Council) School site.
Work restarts on the new houses in May Lane.
The fire engines move to their new home on Kingshill Road.
Progress at Rednock School.

  February 2009

Demolition of the Victoria (Council) School.
Heavy snow in the town.
New houses at Woodmancote.

  January 2009

Rednock School progress.
Fire station developments.
Demolition of the Youth Club.
Removal of the Victoria Day School plaques.
Snow in Dursley.

  December 2008

Rednock School turns bright orange.
Sainsbury's construction site preparation.
Fire station doors in place.
Draycott garage redevelopment.

  November 2008

New houses on the workhouse site.
Rednock path upgrade.
New flats in Long Street.
Fire station brickwork construction.
May Lane development.

  October 2008

Union Street changes.
New fire station construction.
Rednock developments.
Refurbishment of Draycott garage.

  September 2008

Changes on the Crest-Nicholson estate.
New fire station construction.
Rednock developments.

  August 2008

Rednock school progress.
New fire station construction.

  July 2008

Dursley Town Festival.
Rednock school construction.
Fire Station framework in place.

  June 2008

Rednock school construction.
Fire Station foundations underway.

  May 2008

Rednock school construction.
New houses on the old workhouse site.
Pedersen Close is named on the old Bymacks site.

  April 2008

Rednock school construction.
"Rivers Mill" houses on Uley Road.
New fire station site.

  March 2008

Rednock school construction.
"Cotswold Gate" houses in May Lane.
Rack field tree clearance.

  February 2008

Rednock school construction.
Crest-Nicholson site.
Dursley Dozen race.
Construction work in May Lane.
Rack field tree clearance.

  January 2008

Rednock school excavations.
May Lane building work.
Water Street old swimming pool building reconstruction.
Kingshill Inn fenced-in patio area.

  December 2007

Rednock school demolition progress.
May Lane building developments.
Stefan Nawrot visits the Heritage Centre.

  November 2007

Rednock school, new build kicks off.
May Lane building developments.
British Legion in Parsonage Street.

  October 2007

Newland Meadows developments.
Littlecombe site industrial units.
Progress on reconstruction of the old swimming pool building.

  September 2007

R.A. Lister exhibition in town.
Clearance work behind the May Lane Coop (Warehouse).
Progress on reconstruction of the old swimming pool building.
Old storage tank uncovered at the gasworks site.
New houses in Union Street.
New hairdressers' shop opens in Uley Road.
Construction of houses at Riversmill, Uley Road.

  August 2007

Refurbishment of the old swimming pool building.
Demolition of the part of the May Lane Coop (Warehouse).
New building on the Littlecombe site.

  July 2007

Floods in Dursley.
Dursley Town Festival events.
Refurbishment of the old swimming pool building.

  June 2007

Refurbishment of the Long Street chip shop.
Bymacks/Crest-Nicholson developments.

  May 2007

Scaffolding come down from St. James' Church.
Bymacks and Newland Meadows construction progress.
Whiteway Hill tree clearance.
Littlecombe site landscaping.

  April 2007

Steam at Cam & Dursley station.
Excavations on the Mawdsley's site.
Bymacks site progress.

  March 2007

Developments at the old Bymacks, Mawdsley's and Lister sites.

  February 2007

Snow falls in Dursley.
Dursley Dozen race.
Scaffolding goes up on St. James' Church.

  January 2007

Removal of the trees at the bottom of Long Street.
Bymacks site progress.
Boulton Lane School site clearance.
Inside the old Tabernacle graveyard.

  December 2006

Chestal Court developments.
Rope Walk houses on the Bymacks site.
Expansion of the Treetops nursery.
New shops in the town centre.

  November 2006

Bristol House gets renovated.
Developments on the Crest-Nicholson (Bymacks) site.
Chestal Court construction.
Helicopter lands at Dursley C of E Primary School.
Old R.A. Lister sign uncovered at Littlecombe.

  October 2006

Further progress on the Crest-Nicholson (Bymacks) site.

  September 2006

Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Dursley railway.
Bymacks and Lister site developments.
Reopening of the "Warehouse" nightclub.
New Yellow Hundred housing development begins.
Closure of Silver Street.

  August 2006

Return of the Cloak of the Bailiff of Dursley.

  July 2006

Dursley Town Festival week.
Bennett Jones shop move.
Bymacks site progress.

  June 2006

Parish Arts week, Morris dancing.
Lister apprentice reunion at the Lister Hall.
Bymacks site developments.

  May 2006

School photo exhibition at the Heritage Centre.
Bymacks site progress.

  April 2006

Footpath through the Bymacks building site reopens.
Littlecombe site progress and Kingshill Lane closure.
BBC Radio Gloucestershire "Big Red Bus" in town.
Hornby railtour stops at Cam & Dursley station.

  March 2006

Further progress on the Bymacks housing development.
Littlecombe site clearance.
Closure of the 'Starshine' shop in Parsonage Street.

  February 2006

Opening of Dursley's new library.
Dursley Dozen race.
Pancake Race.
Progress on the new Uley Road junction.
Closure of Cam High Street.

  January 2006

Fire in Water Street.
Progress on the new library.
Repairs to the Golden Wall in Kingshill Road.

  December 2005

Dursley Male Voice Choir.
Progress on the new library.
Further Crest-Nicholson progress on the Bymacks site.

  November 2005

Progress on the new library.
Developments on the Bymacks site.

  October 2005

Pedersen celebration day.
Cam Co-op changes.

  September 2005

Developments on the Bymacks site.
Kwiksave changes to Somerfield.

  August 2005

Further progress on the library construction.

  July 2005

Dursley Festival week.
Further Crest-Nicholson progress on the Bymacks site.
Library construction continues.

  June 2005

Bymacks site clearance is essentially finished.
Library framework nearly complete.

  May 2005

Progress on the clearance of the old Bymacks site.
Library construction progress.

  April 2005

Opening of Rednock School's new music block.
Continuing work on the new library.

  March 2005

Clearance of the Bymacks site.
Construction of the new library begins.

  February 2005

Demolition of the library begins.
Demolition of the Lister Victoria Works.


January 2005

Dursley Heritage Centre opens.


December 2004

Fire at the Bymacks site.