Dursley News - January 2007

There was much controversy in Dursley this month when, unannounced, the developers of the Littlecombe site, chopped down all the trees on the green open area at the bottom end of Long Street which has now taken on a very sad look. It's accentuated by further clearance work which is proceeding on land beyond the adjoining temporary fencing. Yet more work is heppening at the other end of the site in Cam which is now totally cleared of buildings.

Another event that occurred was the very brief temporary opening up of the old Tabernacle graveyard which stands opposite the present chapel in Parsonage Street. The gravestones which lay flat, were once on the floor inside the building itself and are open to the elements. Some of the inscriptions are obviously fading into obscurity but luckily they have all been recorded.

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    Old Tabernacle graveyard
Opposite the current Tabernacle in Parsonage Street, stands the remains of the previous building, dating from 1760. Now open to the elements, the old gravestones which used to lay on the floor inside are still there and were visible when it was opened briefly for viewing.
(January 20th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Long Street green is treeless
A sorry sight on the green area at the bottom of Long Street as the remains of one of the felled trees is clearly visible. Beyond the temporary fencing, site clearance continues on part of the Littlecombe site.
(January 21st 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Bymacks site foundations
The concrete basement walls for some of the new houses on the plot near Long Street are nearing completion, ready for the rest of the construction to start.
(January 20th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Boulton Lane School site
The old school buildings on the site at Boulton Lane have now been completely removed in preparation for more house construction, assuming planning applications get approved.
(January 7th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    It's that library again
Love it or hate it, the library is certainly here to stay and visitor numbers are up on what they used to be with the previous building, probably due to the extended range of services on offer.
(January 28th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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