Document Downloads

This page provides a link to a number of related pages which contain links to a range of downloadable documents which can be used for offline research as well as on-screen viewing. All the documents have been converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Some of them are quite large and may take several minutes when using a dial-up 56K modem connection.

These documents are all copyright of Andrew Barton and the relevant author and are made available for private study only. Requests for use for any other reason must be made to the Dursley Glos Web website.

To download any document to your local disk, right-click the link and select "Save Target As..." from the menu. Browse to where the document is to be saved and click "Save".







Adobe PDF Reader is required to view these documents. If required it can be downloaded by clicking here.

  The documents can only be viewed with Adobe Reader which can be downloaded using the following link if required.