Significant People in the History of Dursley and Cam

Dursley and the immediate locality boast no great celebrities but several people, either born here or who made it their home, have gone on to leave their mark on the local area or the wider world. The following list shows some of these names, a few of which have further information. The list will be expanded and more information added over time.

  • Edward Fox (1496-1538)
  • Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-1892)
  • George Augustus Graham (1833-1909)
  • William King (1730-1803)
  • Robert Ashton Lister (1845-1929)
  • George Madan (1807-1891)
  • Mikael Pedersen (1855-1929)
  • Henry Vizard (1778-1866)


Please Note: This page holds limited information only which will be updated in the future. Please check back.