Dursley Street Scenes

Like any other town throughout England, the social, economic and physical development of Dursley is reflected in the many photographs of street scenes that have survived from the last 150 or years or so.

These pictures give a glimpse of life in a quieter age - the personalities of the people, the clothes they wear, the jobs they do and the shops and their wares. Then there are the buildings themselves, some grand, some tiny, but each of them contributing to the uniqueness of the town.

The pictures on these pages have been divided into a number of sections to simplify viewing and to allow quicker download times. The table below lists the different sections and the areas covered.

Bull Pitch, Dursley, 1959
Courtesy Cam and Dursley Camera Club


Street Scenes
Approximate area covered by photographs
  Parsonage Street Parsonage Street, Castle Street, May Lane, Hill Road, etc  
  Long Street Long Street, Chestal, etc  
  Silver Street Silver Street, Bull Pitch, Water Street, etc  
  Union Street Union Street, The Slade, Boulton Lane, U. & L. Poole Road, etc.  
  Kingshill Road Kingshill Road, Garden Suburb, The Knapp, Westfield, etc  
  Uley Road Uley Road, Rosebery Road, Ferney, Highfields, etc.  
  Woodmancote Woodmancote, Fort Lane, Whiteway, etc.