Street Scenes from the Uley Road Area of Dursley

There do not seem to be too many photographs from this part of Dursley, compared with the other main roads into and out of town. Uley Road starts at the junction with Woodmancote and Bull Pitch and continues on to the village of Uley approximately two miles away. If one was to travel along the road in this direction, then shortly after it begins, on the left, is the path through Goodymeade which today continues on down to the old Bymacks factory, now empty in mid 2003. A little further on, this time on the right is the junction with Rosebery Road, a narrow street containing a terrace of 27 brick built houses built for the workers of R.A. Lister & Co. Ltd at the start of the 20th century. Beyond the junction, again on the right is the Carpenter's Arms public house, a Victorian establishment, still trading in 2003. At one time, beer was supplied to the pub by Thomas William Elvy of the Dursley Steam Brewery. Continuing further is a crossroads, the left hand direction going to Ferney and the recent Yellow Hundred development whereas the right hand one climbs up to the Highfields estate.

If one was to continue further along the road then up until the year 2000, Mawdsley's factory would be seen on the right. At one time Mawdsley's was a very significant employer in the town, manufacturing electrical motors, generators and dynamos. The whole factory was demolished when Mawdsley's moved to Quedgley and the site was used to build an estate of new houses.

Some of the few businesses that have existed in this area of town include those listed below. (Click on links for company memorabilia).

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    Entrance to Rosebery Road from Uley Road
This view shows the end house of Stanthill Terrace, known also as "Tater Row". On the right hand side are what were known as Wilkinson's Sheds. He was a wheelwright. The sheds were later used as a garage, probably by Shaplands, the proprietors of Walters which was closed down in 1977.
(1950 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Rosebery Mount building site
After the demolition of Stanthill Terrace, this area of the street was opened up and Rosebery Mount was constructed.
(1966 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    The Rangers Estate development
These new houses were built near to Rangers House from where they get their name. Rangers House was built in 1827 by the Bloxsome family and finally demolished in 1973.
(1959 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)