This site has taken many hours of work, generating the pages and collecting together the material for use. However it has been very enjoyable and I have been much encouraged by the feedback I have had. It has also given me the opportunity to meet, either in person or through letter, phone or email, many people who have shared stories, momentos or photographs which have all helped to provide interest. I'd like to thank the following people who have aided me in some way with material or advice without which the site would be much poorer...

Ben Ashworth for lending me his photographs of the Coaley to Dursley railway line and giving me permission to reproduce them.
George Allen for relating his childhood memories of Dursley from the 1920's and 1930's.
Matthew Bigwood for allowing me to use his photographs of the R.A.Lister site.
Richard Buffrey for lending me his collection of "Lister Standards" and other archive material.
Bill Church for lending me the old log books from the Dursley C of E Schools.
David Cullimore for allowing me to use photographs first printed in the Dursley Gazette.
David Evans for loaning me photographs and allowing me to use them, for his books which are always a source of good information and for his extensive knowledge of the area and willingness to assist me.
David Gamm for loaning me the archive of the Cam and Dursley Camera Club.
Allan Guy for allowing me to use his Dursley Branch audio recording which was first transmitted on Cam FM.
David Harris for lending me his R.A. Lister slide collection.
Leonard "Sam" Hinder for sharing his memories of his time as Works Engineer at Mawdsley's.
Gilroy Kerr for loaning his transparency collection of photographs taken at Coaley Junction Station.
Terry Larkham for allowing me to use his historical record of Dursley's fire service.
Roger Mardon for his information on Dursley's fire engines.
Richard Mellerup for lending me his collection of Mawdsley's photographs.
John Shipton for allowing me to use his old photographs of Dursley.
Gerry Pierce for giving me access to his collection of historical documents and for his extensive knowledge of the subject and his keenness to assist.
Graham Steele for loaning me his records from his work days at Mawdsley's.
Ian Thomas for making all his railway and Lister information available to me, for acting as a local history investigator and putting me in contact with many others who had material of interest.
Colin Timbrell for lending me his collection of old postcards and information on the history of Dursley Town FC.
Bill Turner for sharing his photographs of Dursley.
Ian Wilkins for loaning his collection of fire service photographs.
Ray Wilson for providing me with his comprehensive collection of photographs of the buildings on the R.A.Lister site.