Street Scenes from the Union Street Area of Dursley

This area of town has seen significant changes over the last fifty years or so. Most of the original buildings in Union Street, The Slade, Poole Road and Boulton lane were demolished in the late 1950's and early 1960's and even today (2003) there are still several empty plots as testimony. Union Street gets its name from the Union Workhouse, a large building built in 1837, in its own grounds, which once dominated the the area at the top of the street. The workhouse buildings were finally demolished in the mid 1950's.

More scenes from this area of town can be seen on the page looking at the demolition in Dursley in the 1950's and 1960's.

Some of the establishments that have existed in this area of town at one time or another include those listed below. (Click on links for company memorabilia).

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    Union Street towards Boulton Lane
Looking straight down Union Street towards the town centre prior to the demolition which was later to devastate this area of town.
(c1950s - courtesy Colin Timbrell)
    Poole Road and Boulton lane
This view along Poole Road towards the junction with Boulton Lane shows Mr Halford's house straight ahead. The shop on the left, on the corner of Poole Road was kept by Mrs Trull although earlier it had been kept by Mr F.Preater.
(October 1956 - copyright John Shipton)
    Flattened junction at Poole Road
Compare this with the previous picture. The wall in the foreground is recognisable but only the far wall of the shop remains and the buildings on Boulton Lane have all gone.
(1959 - copyright John Shipton)
    The Slade
It is difficult to imagine that this scene once existed when comparing it with the present day (2003). This view shows The Slade looking east down towards the junction with Boulton Lane and Union Street.
(October 1956 - copyright John Shipton)
    Up The Slade
Another view, this time looking up The Slade in a westerly direction from the Union Street junction. The house on the right was lived in by Mr Halford. The man walking up the hill is Mr. Sutton.
(October 1956 - copyright John Shipton)
    Boulton Lane
Prior to demolition of all the buildings on the right which served to open the area out, Boulton Lane was a very narrow street. In the distance, on the right, the sign of the Cross Keys public house can be seen.
(October 1956 - copyright John Shipton)
    The Tyndale Centre
The Tyndale Centre, shown here shortly after opening, was built on the site of the demolished buildings on The Slade.
(1988 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Henlow Drive and Champions Court
This view shows the new flats of Champions Court built on the western side of Henlow Drive.
(1988 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    The Boulton Lane Flats
Under construction in this picture are the flats which now line one side of Boulton Lane.
(1988 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)