Document Downloads - Miscellaneous

This page provides a selection of miscellaneous documents relevant to the Dursley area which are available to download. The documents are scanned or transcribed from original material and converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Some of them are quite large and may take several minutes when using a dial-up 56K modem connection.

To download to your local disk, right-click the link and select "Save Target As..." from the menu. Browse to where the document is to be saved and click "Save".

Adobe PDF Reader is required to view these documents. If required it can be downloaded by clicking here.

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  A history of Mawdsley's, 1907-1984
A history of Mawdsley's Ltd, in Dursley, Gloucestershire, from the year of the company's formation up until 1984.
  Mawdsley's 1977 Jubilee Brochure
Visitor Information brochure published by Mawdsley's in 1977 for the occasion of their open day to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee and the company's 70th anniversary.
  A History of Fire Fighting in Dursley
A report by T.W.Larkham relating the history of firefighting in Dursley from its earliest days through to 1987.
  A report on the fires in Gloucestershire during the summer of 1983
A report by T.W.Larkham on the fires in Gloucestershire during the summer of 1983 with emphasis on those at the R.A. Lister company in Dursley and Safeways Supermarket, Gloucester.
  Dursley Market House Trustees - Minutes of Meetings Summary
A document originally researched by A.G. Pierce summarising the Minutes of the Meetings of Dursley Market House between the years of 1841 and 1996.
  Tolls at Dursley Market House
This document, originally researched by A.G. Pierce, provides a summary of the legal case made in 1833 on behalf of T.G.B. Estcourt which served to ask questions about the interpretation of various matters relating to the Market in Dursley and the tolls levied.
  Henry Vizard's Memorial regarding a new District in Dursley
This précis, originally prepared by A.G. Pierce, gives an overview of the Memorial made by Henry Vizard in 1844 to the Commissioners for Building New churches in respect of the formation of a new District in the Parish of Dursley to be attached to St. Mark's Chapel.
The documents can only be viewed with Adobe Reader which can be downloaded using the following link if required.