Dursley News - December 2006

The houses on the Chestal Court development at Yellow Hundred are now obviously taking shape with most of the groundworks complete. Slightly further along the river are the houses on the ex Bymacks site and many of them are now occupied by new residents.

In the town itself, several shop fronts have changed name and were fitted out during the month in preparation for opening to the public. At Dursley C of E Primary School, the Treetops Nursery was expanded as new buildings were craned on to the site.

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    Chestal Court, Yellow Hundred
Viewed from the minor road to Chestal House, this picture shows the Newland Homes development at Chestal Court which is rapidly taking shape.
(December 31st 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Rope Walk houses
The houses facing the river are those of Rope Walk on the Crest-Nicholson development and behind them others continue to be finished off.
(December 31st 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Bikes n Bitz, Silver Street
Still to open up, one of the old shops in Silver Street has been taken over and fitted out by "Bikes n Bitz".
(December 17th 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Nationwide in the town centre
During December Nationwide moved into a shop close to the Market House at the top end of Silver Street.
(December 3rd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Blue Cross shop in Parsonage Street
The old "Mind" charity shop premises has now been occupied by the Blue Cross charity.
(December 3rd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Treetops Nursery expansion
The Treetops Nursery, which is sited at Dursley C of E Primary School, was expanded during December when new buildings were brought to the site and craned into position.
(December 3rd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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