Dursley News - December 2013

December was busy in Dursley and Cam with preparations for the Christmas period although many of the building projects came to a halt for a while. That said, progress on the new houses at Littlecombe seems to be progressing at a very fast rate and much of the newly constructed terracing is now covered with houses in various stages of completion. In the centre of town the old fire bell has made a welcome reappearance on the top of the market House following extensive repair and a sojourn in the Heritage Centre.

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    Christmas band
In the final few days before Christmas a band play to passers by in Parsonage Street.
(December 21st 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)

Littlecombe bridge
The bridge over the river in the Littlecombe estate is now complete with stone clad facing.
(December 28th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Littlecombe houses
Houses continue to be built at a very fast rate on the Littlecombe estate. These ones are on the new terracing formed on the north east end of the site.
(November 29th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The bell is back
After many years away, the Dursley fire bell is back on the Market House following its vandalism and subsequent repair.
(December 28th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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