Dursley News - September 2011

Not too many events this month, work continued on the town's many projects, including the new Vale Community Hospital and the houses that surround it. A new mosaic has now been unveiled in the floor of St. James' church. This fantastic piece of work, which features a number of scenes of local significance is positioned in the space once occupied by the font before that was moved to the right of the entrance. The pictures incorporated are a Dursley Pedersen bicycle, St. Mark's Church, the "Dursley Donkey" steam engine, the Market House, Cam Peak, St. James' Church and some Cotswold sheep.

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    Sunrise over Cam Peak
A spectacular sunrise appears over the edge of Cam Peak. This month has seen many of them.
(September 30th 2011 - copyright John Wilkes)
    St. James' Mosaic
The fantastic new octagonal mosaic at St. James' Church has now been completed. This piece, built with the help of the community, features a number of scenes of local interest.
(September 18th 2011 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Mosaic Pedersen
On one side of the mosaic the unmistakable outline of a Dursley Pedersen bicycle makes an appearance.
(September 18th 2011 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Broadwell house reroofing completed
The fire damaged house in the Broadwell has now been reroofed.
(September 18th 2011 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Cam Methodist Church
The manicured lawns of the graveyard at Cam Methodist Church in Chapel Street. This church was once known as the Wesleyan Chapel.
(September 14th 2011 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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