Dursley News - January 2014

January was a month of rain, some heavy and some showery, with occasional sunny spells that broght some dramatic views across the wooded hillsides around the small valley in which Dursley and Cam lie. Nevertheless work slowly started to pick up after the Christmas break, most notably on the new housing development at Littlecombe which seems to look different every week as more foundations get laid and more brickwork goes up.

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Littlecombe houses
More house construction begins at the Littlecombe site with finished examples in the background.
(January 19th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


St. Mark's churchyard
An atmospheric view across the graveyard at St. Mark's Church showing Captain George Augustus Graham's grave framed by two other monuments.
(January 19th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Old HSBC Bank
The ex Midland/HSBC Bank near the Market House is undergoing extensive renovation with a view to opening as a bistro. This view shows the top of one of the large window frames.
(January 5th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Double rainbow at Cam Peak
On a showery but bright day in January two rainbows make an appearance across Cam Peak.
(January 27th 2014 - copyright John Wilkes)
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