Dursley News - November 2020

The month of November has a bright one with several opportunities to get out and about, though things remain quiet around town as widespread travel is restricted due to the Covid 19 pandemic. One thing that has seen a slight change is the Kingshill Inn which has now become 'The Oak at Kingshill', putting an end to the short-lived Ranchers Steakhouse.

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Refurbishment at the old Norville premises
The scaffolding remains in place as the old Norville premises in Parsonage Street continue to be renovated.
(November 22nd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Kingshill House during 'lockdown'
Kingshill House, stands quiet on a bright November day, as many of the classes and groups which meet here are halted by the pandemic.
(November 22nd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


'The Oak at Kingshill'
The old Kingshill Inn now has a new sign saying it has become 'The Oak at Kingshill'.
(November 13th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)



Littlecombe housing estate
View looking towards Lister Road, along which new house construction continues at a good pace.
(November 22nd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Mikael Pedersen's grave
The black granite memorial stone marking Mikael Pedersen's grave has been temporarily removed in order to make it safe again.
(November 29th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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