Dursley News - October 2016

Work on the Littlecombe houses on the old Lister site continues to make rapid progress and many of the houses on the Budding Way development are now finished. This area of the site is getting close to the lower end of Long Street although there is not yet a through route. Further up Long Street, the El Dorado restaurant is nearing completion, having had a refit inside and its new sign fitted.

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Littlecombe houses
The new houses on Budding Way are almost finished as this part of the Littlecombe development nears completion.
(October 16th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New flats in Long Street
Construction of the new flats on Long Street has made further progress and has now risen to the second floor.
(October 28th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Old print works site is cleared
At the rear of Gazette's Reliance House, the site of the print works has recently been cleared
(October 28th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Capones night club
The Capones night club behind the Old Bell in Long Street.
(October 16th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


El Dorado restaurant
The new El Dorado Mexican restaurant in Long Street has received its new sign an work is ongoing to connect up new services.
(October 16th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Long Street scene
A view along Long Street from outside the old National Westminster Bank showing the soon to open El Dorado restaurant in the old Conservative Club premises.
(October 28th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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