Dursley News - November 2019

November 2019 was lighting up time for Dursley and the evening of 29th of the month saw the town filled with people to enjoy the spactacle and particpate in the events - the craft stalls in the church, the hamburger stand under the town hall, the lights, the fireworks, the music, the snow falling and all the shops open for people to enjoy. It was great to see the town so busy.

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The Dursley Poppyman
The Poppyman sits on the bench with a friend outside St. James' Church.
(November 10th 2019 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Poppy cascade
Two cascades of poppies fall from the tower of St. James' Church in Dursley. This is a first for the town and, along with the Poppyman, is the result of the hard work of a small dedicated team of supporters.
(November 10th 2019 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Turning on the Christmas lights
Dursley Town Mayor Neil Grecian, on the left, announces the turning on of this year's Christmas lights.
(November 29th 2019 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Durcan's hardware store
During the town's 'lighting up' evening, Mr Durcan, in costume, checks the display out his hardware store.
(November 29th 2019 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Woodmancote autumn
Some great autumn colours fill the trees alongside Woodmancote.
(November 7th 2019 - copyright John Wilkes)

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