Dursley News - November 2012

Autumn has set in and the colours of the trees in the woods which surround Dursley and Cam make a fine spectacle. The weather during the month was mixed with heavy rain at times and serious flooding in places although Dursley and Cam themselves didn't suffer too much. The annual Remembrance services were held on November 11th at St. James' Church and the War Memorial on Hopton Road in Cam and both were well attended.

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    Cam Hopton War Memorial
The colours fly at Cam Hopton War Memorial after the Remembarnce service on the green.
(November 11th 2012 - copyright Andrew Barton)

Cam Hopton School - 100 years ago
Just a short distance from Cam Hopton War Memorial but a 100 years earlier, this shows Cam Hopton School with the Dursley branch railway in the foreground. Coincidentally, the railway line closed 50 years ago, in 1962.
(1912 - David Evans Collection)

    Rugby Club remembrance
Rugby Club players at Norman Hill pause to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.
(November 11th 2012 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Colours of Cam
The autumn colours make a spectacular setting to this view across to Cam Peak.
(November 10th 2012 - copyright John Wilkes)
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