Dursley News - April 2007

April 22nd saw the arrival in Cam & Dursley station of the "Severnside Rambler", a steam excursion which was making several trips throughout the day along a number of Gloucestershire's routes including the Sharpness branch and the Lydney to Parkend line, now home to the Dean Forest Railway. The station was packed with travellers and bystanders as the train departed and also when it returned at the end of the day.

Work began during the month on excavating the remaining area of the old Mawdsley site in preparation for the construction of a number of new homes and in doing so, several underground chambers were broken into. Most likely they were part of the old Rivers Mill development which was home to the card making factory which stood on the site prior to it being taken over by Mawdsley's.

In town, progress continues to be made on the Bymacks / Crest-Nicholson site as the remaining houses start to get constructed.

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    "Severnside Rambler" at Cam & Dursley
Viewed from the footbridge at Cam & Dursley station, the Severnside Rambler steam excursion passes through on its way towards Gloucester later in the afternoon.
(April 22nd 2007 - copyright Richard Kelsey, Wings & Wheels Society)
    Steam heading south
On its first journey south through the station, the "Severnside Rambler" passes through without stopping, bunker first, on its journey towards the Sharpness branch.
(April 22nd 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Mawdsley site excavation
The final area of the Mawdsley's site is being excavated in preparation for new houses and several old walls have been uncovered which were once part of the factory. One can be seen in the centre of this picture.
(April 21st 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Mawdsley's site underground chambers
The work being done on the old Mawdsley site has recently uncovered some of the underground culverts and chambers which were part of the old Rivers Mill building.
(April 21st 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Bymacks site building work
With the boundary wall of Woodmancote Court in the background, this view shows one of the new houses on the Crest-Nicholson site and, on the far right at the back, the building used by 1st Dursley Scouts.
(April 21st 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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