Dursley News - May 2007

The month of May saw the steady removal of the scaffolding and temporary covering which had been placed over the roof of St. James' Church during its recent renovation. Many of the roof tiles were signed by local people so one can only guess at what will be made of that whenever they are eventually replaced in the distant future.

On Whiteway Hill in Woodmancote, several mature trees have been cleared along the roadside resulting in the view across the fields being opened up.

Elsewhere around town, work is proceeding at a fast pace on the Newland Meadows development alongside Yellow Hundred as well as on the adjoining Crest Nicholson site. On the Lister/Littlecombe site much of the landscaping has been completed at the Cam end of the site and its appearance is now very different from just a few years ago.

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    The scaffolding is coming down
Following the recent refurbishment of St. James' Church roof, the extensive scaffolding and temporary covering is being slowly removed.
(May 19th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Bymacks houses from Long Street
Some of the final houses on the old Bymacks site take shape as seen in this view taken from Long Street.
(May 19th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Newland Meadows houses
This area of Yellow Hundred has changed considerably as the new houses of newland Meadows near completion.
(May 14th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)

Whiteway Hill loses some of its trees
This view looking up WHiteway Hill on the route out of Dursley reveals the treeless view across to the fields on the right hand side.
(May 6th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Littlecombe landscaping
So different from just a few years ago, the Cam end of the old Lister site has seen extensive landscaping in preparation for the construction of new buildings.
(May 6th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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