Dursley News - August 2013

Construction of new houses at Littlecombe has really accelerated of late with the good weather and the site has been heavily reprofiled and terraced to make way for more houses. In addition the new bridge required to provide access to them is substantially complete.

Elsewhere around town there has been some ongoing excavation work near the old 'Ramping Cat' pub in Cam in what appears to be preparation for new construction work.

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    'Powercuts' move to Long Street
The hairdressing business of 'Powercuts' which once occupied the old Star Inn has now relocated to Long Street.
(August 25th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)

'Ramping Cat' earthworks
At the bottom of Kingshill Lane (Gasworks Pitch), next to the old New Inn (Ramping Cat) pub, significant earthworks have taken place to make way for new construction.
(August 25th 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)

    Littlecombe terracing
Massive terracing and earthworks have been carried out at the Littlecombe site in order to provide level ground for new houses.
(August 25th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Preparations for demolition at Lister's
Barricades have been constructed around some of the now empty Lister buildings prior to their demolition.
(August 25th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    New Littlecombe bridge
The new bridge providing access to the newest houses, has been built using a concrete construction over a corrugated steel former.
(August 8th 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)
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