Dursley News - July 2013

Fine weather was the order of the day during July with temperatures getting into the 30's (Celsius). Consequently there was plenty of opportunity for people to get out and about and enjoy the surroundings. This great weather also allowed work to continue at a fast pace on the new developments at Littlecombe, especially on the new bridge which is being built across the stream which flows through the site.

After many years in post the vicar of St. James' Church, Janet Bromley, has retired and to commemorate the event a well attended hog roast was held in the churchyard grounds.

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    Vicar's leaving party
To commemorate the retirement of vicar Janet Bromley, a hog-roast was held in the grounds of St. James' Church with a large crowd in attendance.
(July 20th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)

Littlecombe house construction
Work continues to gather pace with land-profiling on the Littlecombe site.
(July 5th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Bridge construction at Littlecombe
The embankments are profiled on each bank where the new bridge will be constructed at Littlecombe.
(July 5th 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Uley Road architecture company
The offices of "Elevation One", an architectural and planning company on Uley Road.
(July 7th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Turning Heads on Uley Road
The "Turning Heads" hair salon on Uley Road.
(July 7th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The bells of St. James' Church
The regular chimes at St. James' aren't working properly at the moment due to a failure of part of the mechanism which caused some of the bell hammers to be broken off. This is a view of one of the bells inside the tower.
(July 9th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    View from St. James' Church tower
Looking down on Silver Street from the tower of St. James' Church.
(July 9th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Treasure island toy shop
This toy shop has opened in the premises previously used by the Little Jem cake shop in Silver Street.
(July 7th 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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