Dursley News - December 2017

December felt like a 'proper' winter as snow fell in the area on two occasions, though it just missed Christmas day itself. Up to two inches fell in town which provided an opportunity to view some great scenes. Snowmen appeared in many places and the sledges came out after a long period of disuse. On the Littlecombe site, despite the snow, progress continued with the new bridge and house construction in the lead up to Christmas.

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Snow over Cam
The Dursley and Cam area had two spates of snow during December, separated by a period of warmer weather. This view shows the snow which fell late in the month on the playing field at Norman Hill.
(December 27th 2017 - copyright John Wilkes)


Snow at Littlecombe
Earlier in the month, one to two inches of snow fell in the Dursley area and this view shows what remained around the route of the new stream on the Littlecombe site.
(December 10th 2017 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Littlecombe bridge progress
Steel reinforcing bars are in place for the side walls on top of the new bridge over the stream at Littlecombe.
(December 10th 2017 - copyright Andrew Barton)


War Memorial Recreation Ground
A new sign has been erected at the Rednock Drive / Kingshill Road corner of the 'Rec' to mark the full name of Dursley's main open public area.
(December 26th 2017 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Dursley Treehouse
With the foliage gone for the winter the Dursley Treehouse, which featured on Channel 4's 'Grand Designs' is once again visible.
(December 23rd 2017 - copyright John Wilkes)


Snow brings down branches at Norman Hill
The weight of two inches of snow brought down some heavy boughs from the cedars in the Norman Hill playing field.
(December 27th 2017 - copyright John Wilkes)

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