Dursley News - March 2008

March saw the continuance of the tree clearance work on the Rack field site in the town centre in preparation for the new Sainsbury's supermarket. Many of the large trees and the undergrowth around the field have now been taken down but it is uncertain at this stage when actual building will start.

Around Rednock, there is progress wherever you look, the main building is taking shape, perticularly close to the Community Centre, and significant earth works have been made on the site of what will be the all-weather pitch. A new fence has appeared alongside Kingshill Lane and the path is completed. Also, at the corner of Kingshill Lane and Kingshill Road, preparations are being made for the new Fire Station.

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    Rack field tree clearance
Many of the felled trees have now been stacked up near the Rack field site after being cleared in preparation for the new Sainsbury's supermarket.
(March 1st 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Cotswold Gate in May Lane
The houses alongside May Lane, on the site of the old Coop bakery, are now known as Cotswold Gate. Many of these new buildings now await their roof tiles.
(March 3rd 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Fire station site
At the corner of Kingshill Lane and Kingshill Road some early works have taken place to get the site ready for the town's new fire station.
(March 15th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)

New fence alongside Rednock boundary
A sturdy wrought iron fence has now been erected on the Rednock boundary alongside the newly constructed path on Kingshill Lane. Hopefully this should keep the site secure in the future.
(March 15th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Rednock School construction
The construction work on the stairwell/lift-shaft at the southern end of the Rednock School building is obvious in this picture.
(March 15th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)


One week later...
Just a week later and the concrete shell of the stairwell on the lower floor is complete.
(March 24th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Two weeks later...
Another week and the floor is in place allowing work to start on the next level.
(March 29th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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