Dursley News - March 2014

There was some good weather during March and the sun shone over Dursley on many occasions. The month also saw the coming of spring with the blossom out and the trees starting to bud. The Renovation of the Market House is completely finished and all the scaffolding has gone - Queen Anne looks resplendent in her new coat of paint. Elsewhere more houses on the Littlecombe site are being regularly completely and are being quickly taken up by their new owners.

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Blossom at St. James' Church
The blossom is in full bloom in the churchyard of St. James' Church, Dursley.
(March 29th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Queen Anne gets a makeover
The statue of Queen Anne has been repaired and repainted as part of the total renovation of the Market House.
(March 29th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Moon Rise over Cam Peak
A full moon makes a ghostly appearance above Cam Peak.
(March 15th 2014 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Vale Hospital through the peephole
Looking towards the Vale Hospital through one of the standing stones on the Littlecombe estate.
(March 7th 2014 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Littlecombe Houses
Another batch of houses looks resplendent in the sunshine on the Littlecombe estate.
(March 29th 2014 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Inside the Methodist Church - towards the front
A view towards the pulpit inside the very smart and well decorated Methodist Church.
(March 22nd 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Inside the Methodist Church - towards the rear
An equally smart view towards the rear of the Methodist Church showing the extensive balcony.
(March 22nd 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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