Dursley News - March 2020

The world has changed! With the arrival of the Corona Virus (Covid 19) and the beginning of lockdown on 23rd March, everything can seen in a new perspective. It's not possible to go out for more than an hour a day and everywhere has become quiet. Construction sites have become still and progress on many projects is suspended for an uncertain period. These images were captured on a few short walks to get exercise.

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Littlecombe housing
Just before the start of lockdown in the UK, construction crews are still present on the Littlecombe development but it will only be a few days before the site is deserted. This view show the proximity of the new houses to the new bridge carrying the road which will link Long Street to the Vale Hospital and Cam.
(March 20th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
The day before lockdown and this is the new sign which advertises the refurbished Kingdom Hall, situated on the boundary of Dursley and Cam
(March 22nd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Kingshill playground
In the small park located behind Kingshill House, this plaque can be seen in the wall which commemorates the opening of the playing field on 12th December 1935 in memory of Sir Robert Ashton Lister, who died six years earlier.
(March 15th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)



St. George's churchyard
A sunny spring day in lockdown and this view shows the long shadows being cast from the gravestones in the churchyard of St. George's, Cam
(March 23rd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Kingshill view
A view from the wooded slopes of Stinchcombe Hill towards Kingshill and Blackboys Farm below.
(March 21st 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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