Dursley News - April 2020

'Lockdown' has hit hard this month. With Covid-19, everything has changed - most businesses are shut down for however long might be needed. People have been told to stay at home, streets are deserted, pubs and restaurants are closed and food shops have long queues outside. Who would have thought it would be like this just a month ago. In Dursley work has stopped on the various new housing projects and a walk through town shows all doors shut and closure notices everywhere. One exciting development that has to come light recently is the discovery of a Roman Villa in Cam, uncovered during work at the building site on Box Road.

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Pubs shut down by 'lockdown'
The Old Bell (Ye Olde Dursley Hotel) has its doors shut with the advent of 'lockdown'
(April 10th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Empty town centre car parks during 'lockdown'
The Pulse gym and the swimming pool are closed and the town centre car parks are eerily quiet on what would normally have been a busy day.
(April 5th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Social distancing queue at Sainsbury's
Queues of shoppers, spaced at a 2 metre distance are seen outside all the supermarkets which remain open for essential food shopping
(April 10th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)



Empty M5 motorway during 'lockdown'
Viewed from the bridge carrying the B4066 Taits Hill road over the M5, the motorway can seen to be totally empty of traffic in the middle of the day.
(April 19th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New houses at Woodmancote
Construction work has continued during 'lockdown' on the small housing development being built on Woodmancote. This stands on the site of what was Starkey's van hire business and at one time, Cleverly's garage.
(April 3rd 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Everlands railway footbridge
Surprisingly the old railway footbridge bridge persists nearly 60 years after the line closed to passengers and has become a feature of the local landscape.
(April 5th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Roman Villa discovered at Box Road
During construction of the new houses on Box Road, the remains of a Roman Villa have been discovered. Fortunately this is now going to be preserved (though covered up) as a result of a lot of pressure from a local campaign.
(April 5th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Remains of the Roman Villa
The villa dates from the 3rd or 4th century AD, during the later part of Roman rule in Britain. Some of the parts revealed include a hypocaust (underfloor heating), a warm room and a cold pool which would have been used after a dip in the warm water.
(April 5th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New 'Dursley Barbers' shop closed by 'lockdown'
This new business had just been prepared for opening when 'lockdown' arrived.
(April 26th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Signs go up on the new 'Gravity' restaurant
Renovation of the old Barclay's Bank building in Parsonage Street started as 'lockdown' came into effect. This building will eventually become a restaurant and takeaway, when it's eventually allowed to re-open.
(April 29th 2020 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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