Dursley News - July 2016

The month began with a commemoration ceremony and associated service at St James' Church to remember those men from Dursley who died during the Battle of the Somme, which began 100 years ago to the day. Both events were well attended and are being complemented by an exhibition at the Heritage Centre, due to run for several weeks. The new sports centre extension, the 'Pulse', has now opened and provides greatly enhanced facilities right in the centre of town. In conjunction with the connected swimming pool the town is certainly well provided for. At the same time the footpath alongside the 'Pulse' has reponed offering a quick route to the recreation ground.

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The Somme dedication
100 years to the day from when the battle of the Somme began, a small group gathered near to the church gates to remember those men from Dursley who died during the campaign.
(July 1st 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


The 'Pulse'
With a new name, Dursley's brand new sports centre, the 'Pulse' has finally opened.
(July 30th 2016 - copyright John Wilkes)


The 'Pulse' dance studio
With windows looking out on the Sainsbury's supermarket, the studio within the 'Pulse' offers a great internal space.
(July 9th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Inside the 'Pulse'
Looking away from the large windows the size of the new studio space is clear.
(July 9th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Path to the recreation ground
The footpath to the side of the 'Pulse' has now reopened providing quick way up to the recreation ground.
(July 24th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


The 'Pulse' footpath
A view back towards Castle Street from the landscaped footpath at the side of the 'Pulse'.
(July 23rd 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Long Street houses
More progress on the new residential dwellings at the lower end of Long Street.
(July 10th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Sainsbury's caravans
During the night of 30th June a large number of caravans appeared on Sainsbury's car park, significantly reducing available space for shoppers to the store. They had moved by the end of the day.
(July 1st 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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