Dursley News - April 2006

April saw a number of events in the town as the weather starts to get better and summer approaches. BBC local radio ran a travelling roadshow using a London double decker bus which stopped off at various towns throughout the county. Dursley was one of them and the bus spent the day in Parsonage Street from where the afternoon show was broadcast. On April 15th a special rail tour, using an engine painted like a Hornby model, stopped at Cam & Dursley station to pick up around 50 travellers who were visiting Cornwall for the day.

Elsewhere, the Crest-Nicholson development on the old Bymacks site gathers pace and the footpath from Long Street through to Yellow Hundred has been reopened allowing residents to take a closer look at some of the new houses. At the other end of town, progress is being made at the Cam end of the Lister-Petter Littlecombe site and significant site clearance has begun to take place. In the midst of all this, Kingshill Lane was temporarily closed off to allow it be dug up.

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    The "Big Red Bus" hits town
Dursley was one of the destinations for BBC Radio Gloucestershire's travelling "Big Red Bus" roadshow. It's shown here parked in Parsonage Street attracting the visitors.
(April 25th 2006)
    BBC Radio car in Parsonage Street
Mark Cummings of BBC Radio Gloucestershire alongside the radio car parked outside Barclays Bank.
(April 25th 2006)

Hornby train stops at Cam & Dursley station
Heartland Rail ran a special rail tour to the Eden Project in Cornwall which stopped at Cam & Dursley to pick up a large contingent of travellers. One of the engines attached to the train was HST 125, 43087, which was painted in Hornby colours.
(April 15th 2006)


Kingshill Lane closure
Much progress is now being at the Cam end of the Littlecombe site and one consequence of this was that Kingshill Lane was closed for around a week.
(April 22nd 2006)


Bymacks site, "The Rope Walk"
The footpath through the old Bymacks site has now been reopened allowing access to some of the new houses. This view shows those on "The Rope Walk" which faces the Ewelme stream. (April 15th 2006)


New house progress at Bymacks
Significant progress has been made on the new houses on this site and the first people have started to move in. This picture show the view up towards the scout hut at Goodymeade.
(April 15th 2006)


The new access road into the Bymacks site
This view shows the new road which will link up Uley Road with the lower end of Long Street, passing through the Crest-Nicholson development on the Bymacks site.
(April 15th 2006)

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