Dursley News - April 2005

The month of April saw the opening of a new music block at Rednock School. This building, a smart single storey structure, replaces an ageing bulding inconveniently situated across the school field alongside Kingsill Lane. This block had been a long time coming, with a lot of preparatory work put in by the previous headteacher, John Pritchard, and his team. To honour this effort, the new block was named after him.

Progress on the library continued with the concrete being poured in the foundations. At the other end of town, on the old Bymacks site, further clearance has resulted in a completely changed landscape.

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    Rednock Music Block
Rednock's new music block, the John Pritchard Centre, opened during the month, a much needed replacement for the old building on Kingshill Lane.
(May 14th 2005)
    Rednock Music Block
A further view of the music block with the main entrance visible. The corner of the relatively recent science block can also be seen here on the far left.
(May 14th 2005)
    Library foundations
Progress on the new library's foundations shows as the concrete is poured in the footings.
(April 17th 2005)
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