Dursley News - May 2005

May saw continuing progress on the various ongoing schemes arround the town. The old Bymacks site is now almost totally cleared with most of the buildings reduced to piles of rubble. Work is also advanced at the top end of the site where a new road will form a junction with Uley Road. Old walls have been demolished and the scrub cleared away, allowing open views across the valley bottom toward the Priory and the Towers.

In May Lane, construction of the library also advances, the foundations have been completed and the first of the steel framework girders arrived ready for assembly to begin. It won't be long before the distinctive shape starts to appear.

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    Bymacks site clearance
Viewed from Uley Road, this picture clearly shows the extent of clearance of the old Bymacks site. In the background, the Priory is once more visible, a vista which has not been possible for many years.
(May 29th 2005)
    Library girders arrive
The first steel girders for construction of the framework of Dursley's new library arrive at the May Lane site.
(May 22nd 2005)

Library site
Another view of the library site, taken from the roadside, showing some of the new girders ready for assembly.
(May 29th 2005)

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