Dursley News - January 2006

January began with a disastrous fire at a house in Water Street in which local character George Fry unfortunately lost his life. The fire began in the early morning and the fire brigade remained all day until it was eventually damped down in the late afternoon. Damage is extensive and the building remains boarded up. The building was at one time used as the "Crystal Swimming Baths".

The crumbling wall fronting the old Rectory on Kingshill Road has at last begun to be repaired. This wall, known as the Golden Wall, due to the original high cost of construction is having a significant amount of stonework replaced. Previous to this there was an abortive attempt to shield pedestrians from the damaged areas with a 6 foot high wire mesh fence but this proved unworkable.

The new library nears completion, books are going on the shelves and the opening day has been set for February 6th.

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    Clearing up after the Water Street fire
The fire brigade is still on the scene in the afternoon putting the final touches to the damping down of the fire at George Fry's house in Water Lane.
(January 4th 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Investigation team on site
On the day after the fire in Water Street, the fire service are again on site in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire.
(January 5th 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)

Golden Wall repairs
The new stonework is clearly visible on the Golden Wall on Kingshill Road after repairs to its crumbling structure are begun.
(January 22nd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Finishing touches applied to the Library
The entrance of the new library looks essentially complete, just awaiting new signage.
(January 22nd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)


The Old Spot, Hill Road
Nothing has changed here but it still makes a nice summery scene - even though it's mid January!
(January 22nd 2006 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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