Dursley News - April 2018

This month has seen work begin on repairing the pinnacles of St. James' Church. Scaffolding has been erected to surround the tower to allow work to proceed safely. Elsewhere the bluebells are in full bloom in the woods surrounding the town, providing a sure sign that spring is well underway. Similarly car boot sales are on again at the Norman Hill playing field, another sign of spring.

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Bluebell woods
A carpet of colourful bluebells covers the floor of the woods surrounding Dursley
(April 26th 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)


Norman Hill car boot sale
A car boot sale on the Norman Hill playing field.
(April 21st 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)


St. James' Church repairs
Scaffolding surrounds the tower of St. James' Church as work begins on repair of the pinnacles.
(April 28th 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)


St. James' Church pinnacles
A close-up of the top of St. James' Church showing work underway on repair of the pinnacles, the small upright structures at the top of the tower.
(April 14th 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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