Dursley News - February 2013

This month has seen further progress with the roadworks required to replace the gas main that runs along the middle of Parsonage Street in Dursley. The shops remain open but there has been some disruption due to the excavations along the length of the street. Unfortunately the new roundabout at the May Lane junction has been temporarily replaced by traffic lights but this should hopefully be removed within another month as the work is completed.

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    Gas main works
Business as usual but the work continues on replacing a gas main along Parsonage Street in Dursley.
(February 23rd 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)

Parsonage Street roadworks
Viewed from Silver Street the extent of the gas main work is clearly visible.
(February 23rd 2013 - copyright John Wilkes)

    'Little Jem' move complete
Having moved next door to what was part of Phillip Ford (Undertakers) the old premises of 'Little Jem' is now up for let again.
(February 2nd 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Littlecombe construction
Work has restarted on construction of more new houses at the Littlecombe site after a temporary halt.
(February 2nd 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Helicopter lands at Woodfield
A helicopter from South West Air Ambulance landed on the playing field at Woodfield to attend an incident on Woodfield Road.
(February 23rd 2013 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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