Dursley News - December 2018

December saw continuation of the work on the Littlecombe site and the completion of more houses which are now clearly visible from Long Street. It shouldn't be too long before there is a through road or path allowing access from one end to the other. Elsewhere Christmas displays are in evidence around the town.

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La Toscana restaurant closed
The Italian restaurant has been temporarily closed down for refurbishment before it returns to its original guise as a Mexican restaurant.
(December 1st 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Littlecombe link road
The partially opened road through the Littlecombe site is visible here on a wet and cold day in December.
(December 1st 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Long Street Christmas display
At the new junction between Long Street and Lister Street, one of the gardens is home to a seasonal Christmas display.
(December 1st 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Water Street building
Once the location of the school started by Joseph Twemlow, the the once decrepit gates have been replaced by a brand new one of steel construction.
(December 1st 2018 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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