Dursley News - December 2021

It's winter, the evenings are dark, but at least the lights are up around town and Dursley Market House and Parsonage Street are looking well illuminated for anyone passing by. It's good to see that construction is taking place oo a more substantial footpath to link Lister Road on the Littlecombe site with the existing footpath from the Knapp down to the hospital. Many of the old footpaths were lost with all the development work so this is a step in the right direction.

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Phase 3 foundations
Further progress has been made on the foundations on the site of the old Gazette works.
(December 4th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Site landscaping on Littlecombe Phase 3
Above the entrance to the site of Littlecombe Phase 3, landscaping and reprofiling continues on the slopes below Windsor Road.
(December 4th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New footpath under construction
A new footpath is being constructed which will allow a short cut from Lister Road on the Littlecombe site and the footpath that runs along the back of Rednock School.
(December 4th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)



Market House illuminations
Dursley Market House is well covered in lights, illumninating a cold winter evening.
(December 14th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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