Dursley News - January 2021

Well 2020 is over but the worldwide pandemic continues and its implications are likely to be felt for some time. For the moment, 2021 doesn't feel any different, the nation is in lockdown and Dursley town centre is sadly quiet. As with everywhere else, most shops are shut and people are only out and about to get essentials or for exercise.

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Empty Parsonage Street
A deserted Parsonage Street at the beginning of 2021. It will be good to see this busy again.
(January 7th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Long Street green
Viewed from the small rest area near the grassed area at the bottom of Long Street, the new road into the Littlecombe site can be seen.
(January 8th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Kingshill Road in the snow
Mid-January and the cold temperatures saw the arrival of a fresh fall of snow in Dursley.
(January 24th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)



Dursley town centre in the snow
Dursley Market House on the left and the imposing frontage of Lloyds Bank in the centre surrounded by snow which is already beginning to melt.
(January 24th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


The Priory in the snow
Fresh snow surrounds the Priory at the lower end of Long Street with the new houses of Littlecombe in the background.
(January 24th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Union Street and Harrold's building
Looking down Union Street from the high point of Hunger Hill the old building of Harrold's belt works can be seen on the left.
(January 29th 2021 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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