Dursley News - February 2005

February 2005 saw the start, and in one case the end, of two significant demolitions in the changing face of Dursley. Firstly, a decision was made to demolish the old Victoria Works building in Long Street in light of its condition following the disastrous fire of December 2004. It's a real tragedy that this building could not be spared as it was the only tangible reminder of Lister's earliest days as well as being attractive in its own right. One must question whether it was a case of just being easier to pull it down rather than make an effort to retain it, or at least the frontage.

The other demolition that took place was that of the old library in May Lane. Over the space of just a few days it was completely razed to the ground and all evidence removed. The site is now being developed and the foundations completed for a somewhat controversial, glass and steel structure to house the new library.

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    Down it comes
Heavy machinery makes short work of the walls of the old Lister building, more latterly used by Bymacks before they transferred the business to Chalford near Stroud.
(February 12th 2005)
    Demolition gathers apace.
Razing the old Lister training building to the ground takes little effort for the demolition crew. Some of the remaining patterned brickwork is still visible here.
(February 12th 2005)
    Open plan factory!
The complete ornate frontage of the Victoria Works has disappeared in this rather depressing view looking down Long Street.
(February 12th 2005)
    The survivor
Just a single building survives from the Victoria Works complex.
(February 12th 2005)
    Last stand
With just a few days to go, the library building has already had the old plaque taken out of the front wall before the main demolition work begins.
(January 30th 2005)
    What a difference a week makes!
Well, it's gone - the old building dating from 1936 makes way for another.
(February 13th 2005)
    The site is cleared
Viewed from behind the library site, facing towards May Lane, this is a view that has not been possible for many years.
(February 13th 2005)
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