Dursley News - October 2017

Construction of the new industrial units close to the Vale Hospital is gathering pace. It's good to see the current industrial capacity being expanded, going in some small way, towards addressing the extensive loss to the town through the closure of companies like R.A. Lister & Co. and Mawdsleys.

In Cam work is beginning on construction of new houses in Rowley, on a site which has been empty for several years, save for some houses which were vacated several years back.

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View over Dursley
A great view over Dursley town centre, clearly showing the fantastic scenery which surround the community.
(October 10th 2017 - copyright John Wilkes)


Littlecombe industrial units
The framework on new industrial units next to the Vale Hospital is now substantially complete.
(October 22nd 2017 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New houses in Rowley, Cam
New house construction is now taking place on Rowley, Cam. For the time being at least, the long boarded-up, detached house still stands. This was vacated when it was bought up for possible expansion of the Tesco site.
(October 22nd 2017 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Dawn over Downham Hill
A great view of the sun rising over Downham (or Smallpox) Hill.
(October 27th 2017 - copyright John Wilkes)

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