Dursley News - September 2009

A wonderful occasion was celebrated this month with the staging of a centenary event at Lister Shearing. Started in 1909 as part of R.A. Lister, but now a separate company, Lister Shearing designs and manufactures shearing and clipping tools and machinery for sale across the world and is currently having one of its best years ever. Beautiful weather, a large crowd, tours of the factory, speeches, a hog roast and a display by champion shearers all contributed to make this a day to remember.

Around the town, work is progressing at a rapid pace on both the new LIDL and the new Sainsbury's supermarkets. At the same time the demolition of the old Rednock School buildings following the opening of the new school is well under way.

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    Lister Shearing Centenary
At the Lister Shearing 100 year anniversary celebrations, a large crowd of current and ex employees and other invited guests attended what was a very well organised and enjoyable event.
(September 11th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Shearing with hand-driven power
Following an exhibition using hand shears the shearing display then moved to a hand-driven machine. Very hard work keeping up with the shearer!
(September 11th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Shearing powered by an early Lister engine
After the hand-driven machine it was the turn of an old Lister engine to power the shearing cutters. With each change of power source, the time to shear a sheep was noticeably reduced.
(September 11th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The finished article
Not all the sheep look like this after their wool has been removed! Proudly displaying the name of the shearing company this was the final sheep of the day to be shorn.
(September 11th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Foundations for the new LIDL extension
At the rear of what was the Kwiksave/Somerfield supermarket, work is well under way on completing the foundations for the extension to the building.
(September 20th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The LIDL supermarket extension
Just a few days later the steel framework is being erected for the new LIDL extension.
(September 26th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Demolition on the old Rednock school site
An empty expanse shows where several of the old Rednock School buildings once stood as demolition proceeds at a fast pace. The large cedar trees on the left once stood in front of what was Rednock House.
(September 20th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Sainsbury's foundations
Concrete has been poured in part of the new foundations at the Sainsbury's supermarket.
(September 5th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Water outlet now visible at the Pin Mill
The vegetation covering this spot next to the old Pin Mill has been cleared giving a good view of the water. The upper plaque on the left states "DURSLEY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL NOTICE - The public are warned not to throw any solid or liquid matter into this stream. offenders will be prosecuted".
(September 5th 2009 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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