Dursley News - October 2018

October saw completion of the work on the Kingdom Hall in Cam, near the Police Station. This building, which once housed a clinic until the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it, has been part demolished and remodelled to provide a more open and lighter space, with the advantage of allowing an increased area for car parking.

The autumn mornings and evenings are also giving great opportunity for some spectacular view of the wonderful countryside which surrounds the town.

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Dawn over Cam Peak and Uley Bury
A great early dawn short as the sun begins to come up over the horizon between Cam Peak and Uley Bury.
(October 10th 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)


Dawn over Smallpox Hill
Another dawn showing the sun glowing behind the outline of Downham Hill, or Smallpox Hill, as it's known locally.
(October 22nd 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)


Kingdom Hall after being rebuilt
The old clinic, next to the Police Station, more recently taken over to serve as a Kingdom Hall, has now been completely rebuilt to provide a lighter, airier building and increased car parking.
(October 10th 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)


Norman Hill playing field in late summer
On a sunny, later summer's day the view across the Norman Hill playing fields towards Cam Peak makes a great view.
(October 10th 2018 - copyright John Wilkes)

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