Dursley News - October 2005

The month of october saw the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mikael Pedersen, the inventor of the unique thin-tubed and hammock saddled bicycle which became known as the Dursley Pedersen. To mark the occasion several members of his family travelled from Denmark to meet up with enthusiasts from all around the UK as well as Europe who brought along their cycles. A short birthday celebration gathering was held in the town hall with speeches by the town Mayor and David Evans, author of the book "The Ingenious Mr Pedersen". Following this celebration the visitors made their way to the cemetery by bicycle, car or foot for a wreath laying ceremony at the site of Mikael's grave, where he was re-interred in 1995.

In Cam, progress is now being seen to be made on converting the old Cam Co-op into a new Tesco supermarket. The store is due to be closed for a total of four weeks for the work to take place.

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    Dursley Pedersen original
An original Dursley Pedersen cycle, with its owner and admirers, outside the town hall prior to the start of the birthday celebrations.
(October 22nd 2005)
    Pedersen cycle collection
While their owners attended a small celebration inside the town hall, the cycles, which included original Dursley Pedersen models and modern reconstructions, were gathered together outside for others to enjoy.
(October 22nd 2005)

Wreath-laying ceremony
Two of Mikael Pedersen's descendents lay a wreath at his grave in Dursley ceremony. This was accompanied by some short speeches watched by all those who made their way up from the town centre.
(October 22nd 2005)


Changes at the Co-op
Work progresses on converting the Cam Co-op into a new Tesco supermarket.
(October 30th 2005)

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