Dursley News - November 2005

November saw a continuation of progress on the town's main developments, the new library and construction of the many houses on the Bymacks site in the valley bottom at Goodymeade. The library has now been almost fully glazed which causes it to present a different face as it now reflects the area around. The road through the Bymacks site is being surfaced and is reaching the point at which a new junction with Uley Road is ready to be formed. Some of the site housing is also at an advanced stage of construction.

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    Dursley Library progress
Most of the glazing is now in place and work continues with internal fitting out ready for the opening in the new year.
(November 6th 2005)
    New road on to the Bymacks site
Surfacing of the new entrance road into the old Bymacks site development has begun and in the background can be seen the significant progress on the new housing.
(November 6th 2005)

Bymacks site development
Viewed from the road up to Chestal House, the expanse of the Bymacks site can be seen as well as evidence of its low lying position in the valley.
(November 6th 2005)

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