Dursley News - November 2014

This month saw the annual Christmas lightning up event take place in Dursley with the countdown being performed by new resident and well-known actress, Susan Lynch, accompanied by Town Mayor, Jane Ball, and Master of Ceremonies, Terry Pascoe. The evening was a great affair, with hundreds attending the ceremony, watching the accompanying fireworks or enjoying the many shops and stalls which remained opened for many hours.

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'Artauro' opens in Silver Street
Another welcome shop in Silver Street, this one is selling artistic and designer items.
(November 16th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Remembrance wreaths at St. James
The wreaths hang on the church gates after the remembrance service at St James Church in Dursley.
(November 16th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


New Littlecombe houses
The march of new house construction continues at Littlecombe and many are now appearing across the far side of the valley overlooking the new hospital.
(November 16th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Bank Cafe lighting up
On the evening of the town's Christmas event, the well-lit Bank Cafe makes a welcoming sight.
(November 28th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Lily and Violet Vintage
Winner of best dressed shop window at the Christmas event, the Bristol House premises of Lily and Violet Vintage puts on an attractive show. Coincidentally this was one of the very first properties in Dursley to be lit by electric lighting.
(November 28th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Lighting up
Actress Susan Lynch and Town Mayor, Jane Ball, perform the ceremony of turning on the Christmas lights.
(November 28th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)


School Choir Christmas singing
Pupils from Dursley C of E Primary Academy perform to a large crowd at the town's Christmas event.
(November 28th 2014 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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