Dursley News - August 2005

Not too many photographs this month, and those that there are, are all to do with the ongoing construction of the new library which now clearly takes on the distinctive and unusual shape as reported in the local press over the previous year. The outer shell of the building is now substantially complete, metal cladding on the sides and rear faces and some of the glass in the front.

At the other end of town, the link road through the development on the old Bymacks site is becomig obvious and the first houses are nearing completion.

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    The future is grey!
Looking a little like the side of a battleship, the metal cladding of the library gives substance to the unusual shape.
(August 7th 2005)
    Library rear view
Another view, this time from the rear of the building reveals more of the metalwork that surrounds the building.
(August 7th 2005)

Library entrance
This will be the main entrance to the building, shortly to be clad in glass, letting at least some natural light inside.
(August 29th 2005)

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