Dursley News - July 2015

A tour of the old Lister site now reveals very little evidence of what once stood there. Mounds of crushed stone and soil feature all across the area, no doubt waiting for re-use in hard-core or landscaping. One thing that does remain, for the moment anyway, is part of the old air raid shelter, now hidden in undergrowth and trees. Aside from that and few solid foundations there is not much else to show.

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Lister site remains
Hardly anything remains now and this shows parts of the wasteland and almost everything has now gone.
(July 4th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Storage tank support blocks
Another view of what remains on the Lister site, this one showing the concrete blocks which once supported a storage tank.
(July 4th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Air raid shelter
Several air raid shelters were built on the Lister factory site and this is an entrance to one of the remaining ones, no doubt soon to be demolished.
(July 4th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Littlecombe industrial units
The small industrial units and new housing on the old Lister site.
(July 4th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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