Dursley News - May 2008

May 2008 saw very rapid progress on the new Rednock School when it seemed that something new appeared every day. The distinctive rounded ends to the main building are now easily visible and at this rate it will surely meet its target of being open for September 2009.

Elsewhere around town, further new buildings are also appearing on the site of the old workhouse in Boulton Lane and green space is reducing at a fast rate. Hopefully some will remain for recearational purposes.

On the old Bymacks site, the roads are being finished off and it is encouraging to see that one of them has taken the name "Pedersen Close" after the well-known bicycle inventor who had his factory in the Pin Mill close to this spot.

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    New houses on the old workhouse site
Houses are now rapidly filling much of the old workhouse site alongside The Slade and Union Street.
(May 18th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Pedersen Close on the old Bymacks site
Named for the town's own cycle inventor, the Pedersen name makes a welcome return.
(May 31st 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    New School and tennis
Viewed through the remaining tennis court the top storey of the new Rednock School building nears completion.
(May 11th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)

School entrance
Looking into one of the new entrances off Kingshill Road, part of the car park and the northern end of the new school building are visible.
(May 18th 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Rounded off
The rounded end to the main school building is clearly visible here in this view of the south end of the new construction.
(May 31st 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Expansion at the back
At the rear of the new building, framework is going up for what will be the canteen and drama hall.
(May 31st 2008 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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