Dursley News - September 2012

September was a time of very mixed weather, some nice bright days and others with very heavy downpours leading to flooding across the area, and indeed much further afield. No great changes this month, the roundabout has now been finished and the zebra crossing on May lane is acting as a safe place to cross the road now the lights have been removed. Associated with this the pavements have also been widened around the junction to reduce the width of the road, also making it safer for pedestrians.

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    Cam car boot sale
On a lovely bright day, the stalls for the car boot sale are set up in the corner of the Norman Hill recreation field in Cam.
(September 29th 2012 - copyright John Wilkes)
    Dursley Road flooding, Cam
The night of 23rd/24th September saw heavy rainfall leading to major flooding on several roads around the Dursley area. This is Dursley Road in Cam.
(September 24th 2012 - copyright John Wilkes)

Dursley Town Hall and Market House
Hanging baskets add to the picturesque scene at the Market House.
(September 30th 2012 - copyright John Wilkes)

    May Lane zebra crossing
The new zebra crossing on May Lane has now come into use following construction of the new roundabout.
(September 8th 2012 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    Parsonage Street pavement widening
The pavements outside the old post office building (now the Courtyard Clinic) have been considerably widened as part of the new roundabout development.
(September 30th 2012 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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