Dursley News - December 2015

The Christmas season has arrived and the lights are up all around town, giving an attractive glow to the streets. That doesn't mean that work has stopped elsewhere, though it's certainly slowed things down. The new swimming pool access ramp is up and running allowing the old ramp area to be redeveloped for the Sports centre extension. On the Littlecombe site almost all traces of Lister's have now gone and the Long Street end of the site is occupied by large heaps of soil which has been moved from other parts of the site.

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Christmas lights at the market place
The lights add an attractive hue to Dursley's market place in the lead up to Christmas.
(December 5th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Sports Centre development
With the Castle Street toilet block now gone, groundwork preparations begin on the sports centre extension.
(December 6th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Swimming pool access ramp
The new disabled access ramp up to the swimming pool entrance is now completed and in use.
(December 6th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Littlecombe site
Even the old security office on the Lister site has now gone and the area is covered with large mounds of earth which have arisen from the site re-profiling for new houses.
(December 31st 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Heritage Centre exhibition
A new exhibition about life in Dursley during World War Two was held in December and attracted a lot of interest.
(December 5th 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Gazette office block stands empty
Now the Gazette staff have moved out of Reliance House in Long Street, the old office block waits re-use or redevelopment.
(December 31st 2015 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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