Dursley News - January 2016

Work continues with the development of the new sports facility adjoining the swimming pool in the centre of Dursley. The ground work was completed during the month and the steel framework has now been erected on part of the car park. Elsewhere redevelopment of the old Lister site continues and even the old security office has now been swept away in the slow transition of the site into a residential development.

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'Inspirational World' has moved
The Inspirational World shop has moved and the premises now reveals its previous use as a Community Volunteer Shop.
(January 10th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Remains of the Lister site
Even the old Lister security office has now gone and the mounds of earth guard the entrance to the Long Street end of the Littlecombe site.
(January 31st 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Sports Centre foundations
The groundwork has been completed for the sports centre and it awaits erection of the steel framework.
(January 10th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Sports Centre extension
The position of the frame work adjoining the swimming pool shows the degree to which it encroaches into the car park.
(January 16th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


Sport Centre frame work
Viewed from the recreation ground the newly erected steel work reveals the size of the new sports centre.
(January 23rd 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)


That New Shop
The sign for 'That New Shop' has been over-painted and awaits new lettering.
(January 24th 2016 - copyright Andrew Barton)

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