Dursley News - August 2007

Well the floods have cleared up and better weather resumed during the month of August allowing more progress to be made on the numerous construction projects in town. The old swimming pool in Water Street has seen the fire damaged roof start to be replaced and the building is taking on a much better appearance. In May Lane, following final granting of planning permission, part of the old Cainscross & Ebley Cooperative building has been demolished to make way for new housing. Although the Parsonage Street frontage will remain, the old bakery has now gone. This building has more recently been used as the Warehouse Nightclub and was also at one time the car showroom and garage of Murray Motors. On the Littlecombe site, some construction work has taken place on various industrial buildings in the centre of the site, perhaps to be used as a base for the contractors while other work continues.

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    Swimming Pool roof removed
The old roof has gone and the unsafe end gable walls are being removed ready for reconstruction to start on the old swimming pool building in Water Street.
(August 4th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The new roof goes on
Just a few weeks later and the timbers for the new roof on the swimming pool are in place.
(August 27th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
    The old Coop is going
Most of the old bakery of the original Cainscross & Ebley Coop has been demolished. The building was first opened in 1910 so didn't quite make its centenary. This was more recently part of the Warehouse nightclub.
(August 26th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)

Warehouse/Coop demolition
Viewed from the front, removal of the old bakery has opened up the gap to the more modern library beyond. The frontage on Parsonage Street (right) is to remain.
(August 28th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)

    Littlecombe developments
In the centre of the Littlecombe development, some new low-level industrial buildings have appeared prior to further site construction.
(August 27th 2007 - copyright Andrew Barton)
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